Domestic purification

Direct reverse osmosis water system

Aro Direct Look Light is a water-purifying appliance that makes tap water safe to drink.

Thanks a natural process known as reverse osmosis, which filters the water through a semi-permeable membrane that traps impurities liable to damage health, Aro Direct Look Light is able to guarantee a 95% reduction in concentration of calcium, phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals such as lead and other polluting substances that are generally present in water.
Aro Direct Look Light cuts the total fixed residue to a minimum, guaranteeing good, healthy water, low in minerals and safe for drinking and for preparing food. Aro Direct Look Light is equipped with an innovative Booster stainless steel pump in order to guarantee absence of vibration, absolute silence and high-performances.
Aro direct look light



  • Hygiene dosing

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  • Swimming pool

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