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From simple to complex filtration, all of them require a profound analysis. To understand “WHY” and “WHAT” will mean having the most appropriate answer to “cost/quality” effectiveness. Bear in mind that filtration will always have a cost that can be minor or major. All depends on the end result one wishes to obtain. Therefore it is very important to carefully analyse beforehand all the elements involved that originate the need to filter. This will no doubt help achieve the most adequate and correct solution for each case. The concern of contaminated liquids are various and have many aspects. From everyday drinking water to industrial food processing plants, health risk and economic loss make filtration an extremely important factor. Choosing a specific filtering solution rather than another means having well evaluated in advance important factors.
These factors are:
Type of liquid to be processed - Particle size - Dirt loading capacity - Media permeability - Pressure drop - Chemical compatibility - Temperature resistance.
Other factors:
Cost/Quality effectiveness - Maintenance.
Over the years AQUA INDUSTRIAL GROUP has made research development its main goal. Finding the best solution to the aspects of filtration can only be achieved through heavy investments in technology and research. We are today able to satisfy all the market needs and requirements.
Our new Cartridge Product Guide presents a vast amount of filtering elements that defer in material used and sizes.
A wide range of products, that along with our Filter Product Guide, make us today a full line manufacturer. All products are strictly made in compliance to the Health & Security regulations.
AQUA INDUSTRIAL GROUP exports its products to all the 5 continents, to those customers that work in various applications and markets. A must for those that emphasize filtration a major role in their business activity.
Our leading role today is not only to present a wide range but also to be able to suggest and determine together with our users the most appropriate solution for any application.

Our FR-E series, is a break through in technology granting an interesting option to our consolidated and outstanding FR-N series. Because of our melt-blown fabrication and procedure, these FR-E series grant a true compromise for those applications that require a just Price/Quality performance ratio.

Our depth cartridges FR-N Series are designed to obtain a high efficiency and filtration of various liquids having impurity. Using only 100% pure polypropylene they are manufactured through state of the art technology.

Our Polypropylene wound cartridges are part of the depth and deforming cartridge series. They are manufactured using only 100% pure non-toxic polypropylene yarn. This series offers an excellent ratio between cost/quality, even though usually referred to as “economic-type” they are manufactured so as to guarantee a high nominal filtration level.

Pleated cartridges represent a valid filtering solution for diverse applications. Certified raw materials are used and have particular technical characteristics that give the cartridge reliability and resistance.

The washable Net Cartridges are called surface cartridges and have a non-deforming structure. The inside core is manufactured using Talc Filled Polypropylene and a nylon net is welded.

Stainless steel net cartridges are so-called “surface cartridges” with non deforming structure. They are well indicated for difficult applications such as filtering of corrosive liquids or where high temperatures apply.

These Cartridges act by means of a physicochemical property of the active carbon (adsorption) and in some cases associated with the filtration action of various filtering materials.

AQUA offers various polyphosphate cartridges that defer in sizes and with defined characteristics. Polyphosphate salts are anti-scaling chemical agents.

Cartridges with ionic exchange resin are used for eliminating ionic substance which are present in water. According to the type of filter media used, they can by applied for treating water with calcium and magnesium, reducing the presence of iron and obtain de-mineralized water.

The cartridges of the STERYL series are made out of PP and mechanically (not organically) filter via the absolute filtering specific properties present in PP (degree of absolute filtration of 0.5 micron).

Cartridges series In-Line are designed to meet the needs of small footprint. Thanks to the technology of realization do not need a dedicated container but can be assembled directly in the line of flow of the water to be treated.

Aqua proposes the line of empty CV containers in various heights, completely made of crystal polystyrene, in versions transparent and opaque.

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